Hello to everyone,

I coordinate the TDHA/ETSU tuition agreement as a volunteer for TDHA and look forward to helping you further your education in dental hygiene. I have no affiliation directly with the TN Board of Dentistry or ETSU. TN Board of Dentistry can be reached at: 1-800-778-4123 Prompt #4.

Here are the criteria to be eligible for in-state tuition. You must:  be accepted at ETSU and be registered for the classes of your choice (make sure you have confirmed your schedule of classes on Goldlink); be an ADHA member with an expiration date after the last class of the semester (cannot have an expiration date of 1-13 and register for classes that end in 5-13); and hold a current or retired TN license with District 8 indicated. Initially, you need to obtain a TN license but can retire it upon renewal date and still qualify for our agreement with ETSU.

** New request for all students using this service: Please contact ADHA member services at (800) 243-2342, and ask Katie Powell to change your state membership to TN 8th District regardless of when your license expires. Please note your ADHA membership must be through the last date of the class; it cannot expire in January if your last class is in May.

This site has a secure online registration form and will allow you to make an online credit card payment or print a payment voucher to send with your check. Please indicate which semester you are registering for and if classes are undergraduate or graduate level.

There may be additional fees added to your final invoice that TDHA has no control over. ETSU does not give me these fees to give to you. The comptroller’s office reviews each of your classes and adjusts the total. The credit cards are not run until I have the final amount verified from the bursar's office. I will notify you of any discrepancies if they occur. If you are sending a check, wait for my reply with the exact total to avoid a second check being sent. Print the voucher with any corrected amount and mail to me with no signature required. I must receive payment 2 weeks prior to the first day of class.

The information you send me is a binding payment contract with TDHA and includes non-refundable fees which must be paid regardless of the outcome of your enrollment at ETSU. I have no control over class availability and cannot help you if your registration is late. I have deadlines to meet to make this service available. TDHA reserves the right to refuse this service to any applicant.

Good luck with the upcoming semester.
Rita Bills, RDH
ETSU Tuition Coordinator